About Us

We are all about promoting organic, nutrient rich and delicious food based on sound nutrition. It is our passion.  

We set out to un-demonise bread and to encourage the consumption of ordinary healthy foods that can be prepared at home for all the family to enjoy, rather than relying on the so called "energy" or "protein" bars and drinks that have become so fashionable.

With roots in the health and fitness industry, sports therapy and cycling in particular and with direct experience of extreme ill health, we understand the value of a good diet. However we also believe that food should be thoroughly enjoyable and delicious, we are not fans of deprivation or of fads. 

We are true artisans and take enormous pride in producing all our mixes in house from start to finish. Our chosen ingredients are sourced extremely carefully and are all tested thoroughly in our recipes before committing to production. Even our packaging is produced only five miles away. 

We are certified by The Soil Association and are therefore subject to their scrupulous standards and stringent spot checks and annual inspections. It creates more work for us and is a financial commitment, but one that we are proud to make.

We practice what we preach by eating organic ourselves, we feed our animals organic and use spring water that runs through only organic land.